Pressure Redistribution Mattress

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Designed for comfort and pressure management. High resilient Vitalux cubed foam surface increases contact area for reduced peak pressure points and the prevention of skin breakdown. The V2 mattresses have a 5 way stretch incontinent cover to enhance patient immersion and reduction in friction and shearing. Ideal choice for hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes, home care environments and rental programs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Vitalux cubed foam provides superior comfort cushioning
  • High resilient foam offers durability and performance
  • Enhanced air flow from the multi-layered and Vitalux cubed foam design
  • Long lasting high density foam base
  • Comes with Recovery 5 Incontinent, 5 way stretch, breathable, removable, anti-microbial cover

Standard Size: 6" x 36" x 80"

Weight Capacity: 250 - 300LBS

NOTE:Foam mattresses are not designed for clients that spend more than 12 hours in bed each day as they will break down prematurely. Foam mattresses are ideal for clients that spend 8-10 hours in bed per day.

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