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Functional stair handrails must provide a Power Grip™ where the fingers wrap most of the way around the diameter. Research has demonstrated that a Power Grip™ is five times stronger than the Pinch Grip™ used on an ornate guardrail.

Functional stair handrails specifications :

  • Have a round profile between 1½ and 2 in diameter to allow hands to wrap around fully and achieve a Power Grip™
  • Extend the length of the entire stairway with no break, to ensure the railing can be gripped at all times.
  • The handrail must be continuous through all slope changes and curves, across landings, and around corners.
  • Mount with brackets that do not impede the movement of the hand along the railing. L-shaped brackets are preferred over brackets that slope on a diagonal.
  • Have a minimum of 1½ between the handrail and the wall
  • Terminate with a 90-degree return to the wall to prevent clothing, bags or emergency fire hoses from becoming hooked on the end
  • Be able to withstand at least 500 lbs. of force in any direction

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