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Geo-Matrix Silverback Prime Back

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Geo-Matrix Silverback Prime

The Silverback Prime wheelchair back incorporates a vertical insert of Geo-Matrixâ„¢ gel to target protection to the high-risk area around the spinal column. The spinal inserts ensure optimal comfort and skin protection from the shear that results when wheelchairs tilt and recline, reducing the risk of pressure sores from developing along the spine

The Geo-Matrixâ„¢ gel is a mineral-oil-based, dry-polymer solid gel that stays in place regardless of pressure and is unaffected by the pull of gravity. So, whether in an upright position or in full tilt, the unique properties of the gel allow it to move with the body, reducing shear and reactionary force. The Silverback wheelchair backs are rated for up to 250 lbs. at all degrees, for years of enjoyment and use (or abuse!).

Product Specifications
Construction: 1.75” thick foam with a spinal insert of blue gel that is 3.75” wide and runs the full height of the back 
Cover: Ultra stretchy and breathable fabric for maximum immersion‎ and temperature control. Wipeable fabrics are available for an additional cost
Thickness: Foam and gel 2.5"
Standard sizes: See Matrix Chart – there are 27 different standard size configurations for the Max
Custom Sizes: All height and width dimensions available
Product Code:

See matrix chart for product code


Product Matrix
M 16 S A
Style Width Height Contour
P – Prime 16” S- Standard (16”) A- Active (2 ½”)
M – Max 18” T- Tall (18”) D- Deep (4”)
  20” XT- Extra Tall (20”) XD- Extra Deep (6”)
  Custom Width Custom Height  ADP Code : SE0001108