Obusforme Female Back Belt


Size: Small
Sale price$49.14


  • CUSTOMIZED BACK BELT SUPPORT:Tailored to the shape of the female physique to provide optimum support and increased comfort
  • SUPPORT WHEN YOU NEED IT:Designed to support your lower back and abdominal muscles when gardening, painting, renovating, exercising and playing sports
  • LUMBAR SUPPORT:Built-in, ventilated back belt lumbar pad provides additional support to the lumbar area
  • LOWER BACK SUPPORT:Designed to support your lower back and abdominal muscles when active
  • SUPPORTIVE SIDE PANELS:Elastic abdominal side panels provide as much or as little compression as desired for different activities
  • BREATHABLE COMFORT:Breathable mesh wrap minimizes the build-up of perspiration
  • SMALL - Suitable for 26" to 33" waists
  • MEDIUM - Suitable for 33" to 40" waists
  • LARGE - Suitable for 40" to 48" waists
  • X-LARGE - Suitable for 54" to 62" waists

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