Mesorb® Absorbent Dressing 15x23 (50 Count)

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Mesorb® is a soft highly absorbent dressing that can retain large amounts of wound fluids. The fluid-repellent strike through barrier helps prevent wound fluids from soiling clothing and bed linen.

  • Highly absorbent fluff pulp core.
  • Dual permeable, non-woven diffusion layer.
  • Good protective cushioning.
  • Breathable.
  • Air permeable.
  • Low adherent wound contact layer.
  • Conformable and comfortable for patients.
  • Designed for long wear time.
  • Mesorb is intended for use on moderately to heavily exuding wounds.
  • Mesorb can be used as a primary dressing (directly on the wound) or as a secondary dressing, where high absorbency is required (e.g. together with Mepitel® or Mepilex® Transfer).
  • Sterile.
Additional Information:
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Brand: Mesorb®