Longseat Sling

Ki MobilitySKU: NRG-S19FM

Sale price$583.70


The In-situ Longseat sling is manufactured with a padded roll along the edge of the leg area for additional user comfort. It comes as standard with a head support and the provision for hip tapes. The hip tapes are available as an optional extra.

This style of patient sling is a full body supportive sling, generally applied on the bed as it does not have a divided leg section. The client will be hoisted with their legs in a hammocked position. A slightly reclined transfer position and either a chest support or waist support should also be considered with this style due to the open pick up position. A commode aperture can be added but is not recommended for in-situ use, especially for those who may be prone to pressure ulcers around the sacral area.

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