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Geo-Matrix Bold Cushion

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Geo-Matrix Bold

The Geo-Matrix Bold cushion is a heavy duty design that offers comfort and durability for bariatric use. The Bold cushion provides maximum pressure redistribution for clients with high risk of skin breakdown and/or existing wounds; limited mobility and/or postural control; and clients who are incapable of repositioning themselves.

Product Specifications
Construction: Three layers of high Purple gel incased in a supportive foam boarder with a closed-cell foam base and one layer of  high Green gel covering the top of the cushion
Covers: All our cushion come protected by an outer incontinent proof cover made of Spacer Fabric that increases air flow and breathability as well as an inner wipeable moisture proof cover
Height 4.25”
Standard sizes: 20×20 up to 28×24/24×28 any combination
Custom Sizes: Any size larger than 24—28 / 28—24
Product Code: GBOWxD  eg. GBO2420
Weight Capacity :

Maximum 600lbs

ADP Code :SESG00015