Deluxe Leg Sling

Ki MobilitySKU: NUVI-S16FS

Sale price$583.70


The In-situ Deluxe Leg sling is a full body supportive patient sling that is very popular with users. The design of this sling allows for easy application and offers good support to the hip and thigh areas with full femur support. It comes as standard with a built in head support with additional head support tapes and removable bones. The head support tapes allow for the users head to be fully supported even when the bones are removed. Parasilk on the leg sections allows for easier insertion. When optional hip tapes are fitted, pressure is reduced from behind the knee and hip areas. This sling can only be applied in the divided leg position. This style of sling has successfully been used with all conditions including active users and asymmetrical body shapes.

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