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Fortress 1700 DT 3-Wheel 8.9 km/h

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With the Fortress 1700 Series, its exciting look is both elegant and solid and its new range of features sets the standard for luxury and value in a mid-sized scooter. The Fortress 1700 Series continues to offer a perfect balance of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance and is now available in a choice of two drive systems. So whether it is a quick trip down the street or a busy day of places to go and people to see, the Fortress 1700 Series will get you there in comfort and style.


Product Width: 24.5"
Product Length: 47.5"
Seat Height: 17", 18", 19"
Turning Radius: 42"
Max. Speed: 5.5 mph (8.9 km/h)
Battery Size: U-1, 40 Amp, Grp 22
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Product Weight: 160 lbs.


NOTE : Please ask our Sales Representative for possible government funding through the Assisted Devices Program