BurnNet® Dressing Retainer, Tubular, Elastic, Latex-Free

BurnNetSKU: CAHE-13-3103LF

Sale price$1.25


Stretch net knitted in a continuous seamless band. Strong and highly elastic. Stretches well beyond its relaxed length and diameter and applies gentle pressure to keep bandages securely in place.

  • Pre-Cut shape.
  • Gentle but effective pressure.
  • Non-Adhesive.
  • Smooth Surface.
  • Non-Binding.
  • Material: Nylon and rubber net construction.
  • Reusable.
Additional Information:
  • Composition / Ingredient: Nylon; Rubber
  • Latex content: Latex-Free
  • Disposable / Reusable: Reusable
  • Brand: BurnNet®
  • Feature / Property: Elastic Net, Pre-Cut Shape, Non-Adhesive, Smooth Surface, Non-Binding
  • Length: 25yd
  • Dressing Retainer Length and Width: 25yd

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