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42" Female Lead (Tube Style) Wire to Dual Red/Black Pin Ends

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Fits most lower end (economically priced) tens units that are made over seas.

See list below for makes / models.

ARI-32, Arista 2000, Tens4, Bioscope, Century 2100 (new style), Comfort-stim (new style), EMS 5000 / 6500 / 7500, Everyway medical Tens / NMES (units made after 2000), Holywog, Intellect Tens / NMES / IFC (chattanooga), IF-4000, Max II Elite, Perfect Pulse, Promed 300 Tens, Protens, StimTec, StimTec 20, StimTec II, StimTec Plus, Tens-2500, Tens-3000, Tens-6000, TS-1211 Digital Tens, TS-1211 Combo, TS-1311 NMES, Twinstim Digital, Ultima 20, Vision Quest IFC