Promenade Rail System

"You want to live in your own home, on your own terms."

We want to help you live by that while feeling comfortable in your own home. 

Xperience home health care - was introduced to a young lady 80 + living on her own in a multi floor home. Due to a fall and slight injury ambulating the stairs were a real safety concern.

A member from Xperience home health care assessed the client home and it was determined a modular safety rail system would solve everyone's needs! By adding promenade railing to the staircases, the safety concern was minimized immensely! 

Promenade railings not only offer safety, but also offer elegant designs and finishes to match your homes décor. These railings can also be installed anywhere in your home, not just staircases. 

If you or a loved one shares safety concerns when it comes to your home, reach out to one of our Xperience team members to ensure your home meets your safety needs! 


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